Success Stories

See what others have said about working with Proficio Partners:


You are one of the most dedicated, hard working, highest integrity partners I have known.

Dan C.

...Randy is more process and methodical. He has the ability to get people to the correct decision point without leading them there. He can bring out the best in people without delivering a pep talk or even having the people know that he is coaching them.  I cannot think of anyone better suited to coach individuals or teams than Randy.  They will be better people and better run businesses for it.

Jeff J.

What have I learned? I simply cannot express it all, but I can tell you my technical, spiritual and emotional self has grown. The most important thought I can think of at the moment is that this journey has given me more strength, more confidence and more passion to make each new day an adventure in learning and relationship growing.


You have also mentored me on how to manage my time and tackle daunting situations. I admire you and find your work ethics second to none.  I appreciate the opportunities you’ve given me to practice and work on my facilitating skills.  I feel I’ve become a better businessman because of you.

Brett C.

Randy helped me in a time where the economy had crashed and I was feeding a constant fear that maybe I wasn’t a good business man, when indeed there was more than enough evidence to support that I’m a very good businessman.  We have secured very profitable work for the next upcoming years, and our method of securing this work was a direct result of the coaching Randy gave me, and to feed the belief that I am a successful businessman.

I am a third generation CEO of a ready mix concrete company and had the opportunity to be coached by Randy.  Randy helped me identify key issues in the story that I was telling myself.  For instance, I had recognized some issues in the way I organized my life (how I kept a messy desk, and how I was basically unorganized and others found me chaotic).  Randy helped me realize that I could find peace with my own system of organization even though it didn’t fit the social norm.

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