My approach doesn’t follow the typical ‘accountability-based’ coaching model. Certified in the Frame of MindTM Methodology, we’ll use a simple, yet extremely powerful tool, journaling, to uncover your unique story. If you’re like I was and had never journaled before, you might be saying, ‘what will I ever write about?’. Don’t worry, we’ll follow a structured process in setting a baseline, exploring your past, return to and examine your current situation, then move to the future. During this time, we’ll reviewing your beliefs, how they came about, identifying those that are roadblocks to greatness, blast through those barriers, and set you on a new course. We all have things we believe about ourselves that have been swimming around in our heads for years that effect our actions and results. Spoiler alert here - most of these are not true and stand in the way of getting what we want. The really good news is they can be overcome.

We start with a three month intense, revealing, and yet fun process to uncover beliefs, blast through the barriers that hold you back, and reset the course. This involves a lot of journaling, preferably daily, with a weekly 1:1 conversation, with the medium chosen to fit your specific needs. That’s followed by another three month period of journaling and conversations, with the conversations happening every two weeks. The first half identifies the changes needed and sets them in motion, with the second half to monitor and solidify change, and answer new questions. Overcoming our fears and limiting beliefs is a life-long process, and part of the coaching process is to equip you to recognize new issues as they arise, and give you tools to begin to address them.


Are you ready to blast through your barriers?