About Proficio

Randy Barber
I believe everyone has at least one ‘aha’ moment in their professional life. The question is, are we awake enough to recognize it, and bold enough to act on it. It was in a workshop on extreme leadership that my ‘aha’ moment occurred.  While developing my own leadership profile, I realized the current career wasn't true to my passion. Through coaching and introspection, I discovered (likely confirmed) that serving individuals and small groups in business and leadership development where my passion and abilities come together.  When that light bulb went on, I knew that I would be different in how I approached relationships. I now get to use both in developing others.
In 35 years in the corporate world, I’ve come to know that business is personal, and all businesses are based on relationships. We're created to be relational, and it’s how we utilize the gifts and talents we have been given that make us good leaders.
I'm Randy Barber, the owner/founder of Proficio Partners, LLC. I coach to help my clients expose roadblocks to realizing their greatness and living their dreams. Taping into their beliefs and changing those that don’t serve them in and advancing their careers and personal lives is how I serve. Most of our capabilities remain untapped. My desire is to see more of us become who we are intended and capable of being. Connecting with and serving others to help you understand who you are and what you really want is what my practice is based upon. I'll help you to realize your true greatness.

My mission is to provide exceptional 1-1 coaching, helping my clients blast through barriers to realize their greatness and live their dreams.

My top values are:

  • Faith - Faith in a higher power that cares for us completely, and a daily connection to that source, which gives courage to bring more love and light into the world.
  • Honesty - I honest with myself, my clients, and my audience, serving them with the best knowledge, tools, and resources to help realize their greatness and live their dreams.
  • Loyalty - I am committed and loyal to my clients and audience
  • Relationships - I believe we were made to be connected. Living in community with others is satisfying for us all.
  • Integrity - With honesty and loyalty, being a man of integrity and character is something I strive for.

Are you ready to blast through your barriers?